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Social media marketing automation

Automate your social media interactions

We use smart AI to automate and optimise social media; we provide Twitter, Instagram and Facebook automation. There will always be a place for creativity and the human touch but with our bespoke social media automation technology we can make sure your community managers are spending time where it counts.

Automate your social media interactions

Next generation community management

Meet your new social media community manager. Our AI is an artificially intelligent social media management intelligence that uses machine learning to improve over time. The AI can learn to enable automated on-brand, on-message conversations with your fans to deal with their questions, comments and complaints, leaving you and your team free to focus on social strategy and creative interactions.

Sounds a little futuristic? The best way to understand what can be achieved is to meet the AI 'in person'. Get in touch with us now to see what can we can do for your social media community.

A new pair of hands to run your online communities

Our social automation tool can interact with users on your social media feeds. The AI analyses every comment or interaction using Natural Language Processing to ascertain the users intent and formulate the correct response. You set levels of certainty to customise how independently the AI reacts - and over time it learns from your feedback and improves responses.

You can set topics which always require human approval or intervention. If the bot isn't sure how to answer, it'll always check with you first. The AI is a fast learner - soon enough it'll begin to feel like one of your team! The future of social media is here.

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